Pricing and Policies
MusiGraphics Productions charges a per-page fee for engraving and copying. The price includes one proof copy and one final, camera-ready copy. Binding and multiple copies are additional. Any additional proof copies will be billed.
  Errors generated by MusiGraphics will be corrected without charge. Changes and corrections generated by the client after the initial proof copy is sent will be charged on an hourly basis.
Prices range from $12.00 for a very simple page to $35.00 for large score pages. Fees depend upon complexity and size of music as well as density of notation per page. Inquiries are welcome: Dale E. Ramsey (816) 322-8985
Music Engraving, Copying

Concert Programs

Methods Books

Workshop Materials 

Brochures, Posters

Promotional Fliers

Unique Symbols and marks will be created on a one-time hourly charge. A large library of symbols already exists decreasing the likilihood that original marks will need to be created.
Estimates for projects will be given upon request. Bids for large projects may be requested. Most work will be billed upon completion and acceptance. A payment plan for larger projects will be agreed to in advance of work.